Do I Need Security Awareness Training?

Common breaches of cyber security are due to organisational personnel not being fully aware of how to deal with digital data. This can result from a lack of knowledge of every day procedures, to changes in security protocols and system updates.

Security LABS can provide on-site training to your staff that is tailored to specific organisational needs. All training is practical, with a clear focus on how to protect your organisational data.

security awareness training.png

Part of our training covers how employees can protect their own data at home with everyday activities such as online banking and browsing the internet. Research has shown that employees with a solid understanding of how cyber security applies to them directly will then carry over these best practices into the workplace. Combining this knowledge with the organisational security objectives can have a significant impact on improving the security awareness of employees.

Security LABS can also test your employee knowledge of cyber security and their responses to simulated attacks to ensure there is a robust security policy and a team that can implement it