Why Do Industrial Control Systems Need Testing?

Although industrial control systems typically have a lifespan of several decades, the technology assumptions that they were originally built on are no longer viable in today’s threat landscape. The dedicated, smaller networks that were isolated from the public internet are now more likely to be connected across larger networks sharing public internet coverage. Services such as utilities, manufacturing and waste disposal all come under this category.

National infrastructure is now a reasonable target for malicious cyber attacks from other nation states, with loss of power, disruption of production, and even health and safety risks as possible consequences.


Industrial Control System testing can also provide assurance to industry regulators, board members and customers that you are carrying out due diligence as part of your risk governance process.

Security LABS offers in-depth penetration testing and comprehensive security assessments for industrial control systems. Our approach will help you to answer crucial questions on the security and vulnerabilities of your system, as well as potential risks.