How we approach mobile application security testing

At Security LABS we specialise on the three following Mobile Application developments that are found on most android and IOS operating systems:

1.      Web based applications - Javascript, CSS, HTML etc

2.      Native iOS/android/windows/blackberry applications - Objective C/Java etc

3.      Hybrid Applications - Native applications with embedded web views/content.

We approach Mobile application testing independently as techniques and languages used to write the applications, vary for each mobile platform.

mobile application.png

After an initial consultation on user habits, Security LABS will test for vulnerabilities across different areas. These areas include:

  • architecture and design

  • data handling

  • cryptography

  • authentication / authorisation

  • network communication

  • code quality

Once complete, a comprehensive management report and technical report is produced for each engagement. These reports will also contain remedial advice from our security experts that provide clear, relevant, and actionable steps.